How do we make most of empty

properties and lands in the city?

‘Meanwhile use’ is a term that has been used in the past few years, describing temporary uses of empty property and land before its permanent regeneration. 

This Meanwhile Use London Plan is developed by Arup for The Greater London Authority.

The whole report is divided by colour coded sections.

Popup cafés, shops and community gardens are all examples of meanwhile use. Though temporary, it does not always have to be short term. Arup Landscape team conducted a research and came up with a proposal, to analyse how the City of London can benefit from utilising empty property and land, creating a win-win situation for both the local business and the developers in the long run.

Spread selection.

We were asked to create a report that is easy to absorb as this report is open to public. The challenge was to translate the idea of meanwhile use, as well as organise the text-heavy contents in a way that is tidy yet appealing. 

The map uses various symbols to differentiate different types of meanwhile projects. This makes it more accessable for people with visual impairment.

One of the major diagram was the journey guidance, which has been visualised to make navigation easier.

This plan has been digitalised and can be viewed at the London City Hall website.

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