Music Video for Taiwanese Singer Sandee Chan.

It is a story about the difficulty we face when it comes to communication, I mean with words and languages. So it's perfectly fine if you find yourself lost in translation.

The last time I felt so anxious about a project was for my Master final project already. I was initially the art director of this music video, but as the discussion goes on, I realised there's so much potential in this song, eventually this became the very first music video I've ever directed in my life.

Taipei - 

Producer/Art direction: Pinky Chan
Photographer: TZF 
Hand model: Pinky Chan
Post production: QFX
Special thanks: Muh Chen

London -
Producer/Art direction: Kewpie LH Wu
Photographer: Alexis Tillirides (Desktop background)

People with different languages (in order of appearance):
Suzanne Harb (English); Belinda Hewitt (Maori); Doros Polydorou (Greek); Lisa Solovieva (French); Siddharth Nadkarny (Konkani); Dima Zogheib (Arabic); Nireesha Prakash (Hindi); Natcha Saereesithipitak (Thai); Tshuà Hō-hi (Tâi-uân-uē); Iñigo Ruiz-Apilánez (Spanish); Rienkje Attoh (Dutch); Sunghwan Kim (Korean); Evie Kim (Blank); Kewpie Li Hsuan Wu (Traditional Chinese);

Special thanks: DayinFlying

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