"ChewChoose is a nurturing foodie space embracing the healing power of food with wholesome cooking and events. Following 3 natural pillars: simple, seasonal and sustainable, all the recipes are based on the Blood Type Diet® for optimum living."

The brand identity was created a few years ago and was well established amongst its audience. I was asked to make minimum change to the logo and the branding, whilst giving it a fresh look. 

The new look of ChewChoose embraces the whole 'Flawsome' concept, a more fluid way of branding that has been trending in the recent years in the hospitality industry. It gives the brand a more genuine and spontaneous feeling. To keep the hand-drawn, personal characteristic of ChewChoose, strong and affirmative strokes are used as the brand's graphic device, which symbolise each individual’s choice - whilst the sleek Didot font remains, to create an interesting contrast between the two.
There are three rich and warm colours for the brand colour scheme, used discreetly to avoid too much cuteness, while giving the appearance a bit of warmth and liveliness. 

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